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The sight of nice-looking fish swimming effortlessly and gracefully is much more calming. Research has confirmed this again and again. It’s an astonishing soothing thing to look at. And if you invest in fish that are visually appealing, this adds worth to the entire enterprise. Koi is one of the most adored fish for garden water features. There are many people who breed Koi, but their fishes are not the same. On top of examining the koi breeders you list as potentials, you should also have a look at their fish to determine if they are good for your garden. Here are some tips to pay attention to when looking for Kois.

First of all, be keen on the body shape. Much has been researched and said about the perfect Koi body shape. The ideal one is neither extremely thin nor extremely fat. Industry standards need a torpedo-shaped body. This essentially implies thick at the center and tapering away gradually at the two ends. Another prerequisite to judging Koi’s body is that it should not have any deformity. For instance, a minimally deformed backbone, ulcers missing fins, or infections on the body can lower its worth considerably. Overall conformity of shape and size is what verifies a perfect Koi body shape. This is where Koi’s head comes into play too. Ideally, its head should be proportioned and in proper ratio to the rest of the body. The stout and the head shouldn’t be too big or small in relation to the body. Apply the same to fins.

Color balance is the other thing you should look at. Koi are so attractive for ponds as well as water features due to their colorful color and marked visual impact. Their color pattern and balance are something that produces immediate impact on the looker. No wonder beginner hobbyists look instantly at patterns and colors before digging deeper into other features of Koi. Many varieties come in colorful colors such as yellow, red, blue, and orange with bases of black, white, or cream. A lot of expertise is needed to be able to anticipate how a specific color pattern in a young Koi will end up appearing when the Koi becomes an adult. Some patterns that appear much appealing when Koi are young may spread out and scatter as it grows and loses their appeal. If possible, work with an expert for valid advice.

Swimming posture is something else to pay attention to. Does a given specimen swim and move smoothly and gracefully? How is the look conformity? Does it keep its fins in the correct position? How much energy does it display when moving around? Just looking at Koi is enough to help you make a learned choice. Power exudes from many factors. The color and pattern distribution, the proportion of the body, pectorals and broad shoulders, and chunky tail joint all convey power. How a Koi swims also reveals a lot about it. Swimming level with fins out is the ideal and desired posture for those seeking Koi.

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